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If you’re looking for a motivational, humorous, and stimulating speaker or trainer for your next meeting, look no further! We’ve been helping others LEAD with BOLDNESS for over two decades.Chip Madera, MS, CSP has the platform experience and leadership know how to make your next event a huge success.

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Courageous Service

Creating “WOW”!: Every Patient … Every Time – The patient experience has become a game changer in the healthcare industry. New reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid hinge on advanced outcomes (HCAHPS & Patient Satisfaction). Never before in the history of healthcare has the perspective and opinion of patients meant more to bottom line profits. This program highlights the results Chip has helped many hospitals, physician practices, etc. achieve, his strategies for accelerating patient satisfaction, employee, management and physician engagement and a practical plan for creating the ultimate patient experience. Your leadership team will be inspired to capture a vision for excellence and set your organization on an accelerated path to creating WOW!

7 Policies That Create “WOW”! (DVD series available) (Click on the title to hear more) Research has validated the correlation between service excellence and employee satisfaction. There is no doubt that the parallel between the two is no coincidence. It is no wonder that world-class organizations like the Mayo Clinic, Southwest Airlines and Disney receive high satisfaction scores from both employees and customers. This session was developed to clarify the essential policies that need to be initiated, standardized and enforced to create an environment of engagement and service excellence. These policies will help you re-brand your company so that you can join the ranks of the world-class. Don’t miss this high energy, high content session that will take your organization to the next level.

Making Cent$ of Patient $atisfaction – It is a fact that many hospitals expect to lose millions in reimbursements dollars by the end of the coming year because of their inability to significantly move their organization’s patient satisfaction scores. Many simply HOPE their organizations can muster the will to create better outcomes to foster any possible chance for profitability. Hope is NOT a strategy. What if your hospital could guarantee 100% of its CMS reimbursement? What would it mean to your organization to have raving, loyal patients and their families who catapult your brand to new heights in the marketplace? What value would your organization benefit from a committed workforce that is focused on achieving increasing performance goals? The answer is simple: Your hospital would be elevated to a place where profitability, sustainability and patient satisfaction and employee engagement were creating all the amazing results you hope for each and every year. During this dynamic session Chip will deliver keen insight and experience on not just getting results, but accelerating them. He’ll share ideas regarding developing a culture of accelerated excellence, personal case studies where patient satisfaction was increased by up to 300% in just 90 days and the step-by-step process for creating that 90 day transformation.

Courageous Change

Leading Others Through Difficult Times – We are living in tumultuous times where fear and doubt seem to dominate the landscape of business and industry. However, In the midst of these radical shifts, successful people and organizations not only learn how to flex and adapt to change but to embrace it as a welcomed friend. During this power-packed keynote, peppered with humor and insight, your organization will explore simple truths regarding your most significant competitive question: How well do I embrace change? You’ll take away a number of practical strategies for staying positive, fostering and transformational culture and many motivational techniques for moving people through difficult times.

Making Change Your Friend (CD available) (Click on the title to hear more) One of the things that is constant in today’s world of business is change! Successful organizations not only learn how to flex and adapt but to embrace change as a welcomed friend. Participants will explore the three reasons why people change, the perpetual cycle of change, and motivational techniques for moving people through changing times. Your leaders/staff will be inspired to press on toward the future with confidence and courage as they discover strategies for fostering change, overcoming objections and leading with confidence.

Radical Leadership, Radical Change (Click on the title to hear more) Great organizations never settle for status quo. Leaders at the top of soaring companies consistently raise the bar of performance and insist on higher levels of excellence and productivity. Your leadership team is well trained and equipped to handle the challenges of the present, but will they be as equally prepared to handle the rising expectations of tomorrow? What’s it going to take to get employees to ratchet up their performance to the next level? It’s going to take RADICAL measures! It’s going to take RADICAL Leadership. RADICAL Leadership is not a new concept. It’s just a new perspective for looking at what kind of leadership truly inspires people to follow. RADICAL Leaders possess four demonstrative qualities. These attributes will regenerate your workforce and create the highest level of engagement you’ve ever seen, guaranteed! This hierarchy of qualities, when consistently demonstrated, crafts the kind of environment where hardworking, dedicated workers can and will take their performance to new heights. If you belong to a cutting edge organization that expects everyone to take it up a notch during this budget year—this session is a must!

Resistance is Futile! –  Helping Employees Embrace Change – This seminar is a must for any organization facing the frustration and resistance that comes with rapid change. Those attending will discover their RRQ (Resistance and Resilience Quotient), four typical responses to change and practical communication techniques to foster acceptance and flexibility during volatile times.

Courageous Leadership

Building Teams: Strategies for Creating Successful Partnerships (Click on the title to hear more) One of Chip’s most requested seminars! People are complex. William James said, “Whenever 2 people meet, there are really 6 people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees them, and each man as he REALLY is.” No wonder it is so difficult to negotiate the dynamics of human relationships. During this session Chip will give you tons of practical strategies to help you build bridges of understanding and acceptance within your personal and professional lives. Each participant will complete a Personality Profile that will help them explore their team’s core strengths, motivators and communication styles. Then uncover new approaches to connecting with teammates and customers.

Coaching Employees to Higher Performance (Click on the title to hear more) Organizations today are under tremendous pressure to become more effective and perform at the highest levels ever. If an organization desires to progress in an extremely competitive environment, leaders will need to devote more energy and resources to create teams and build positive communications with committed employees. Managers will need to transform into leaders and coaches instead of supervisors, controllers, and authorities. Coaching employees is the key to influencing, motivating, and acknowledging that people are truly your organization’s #1 asset. This change in management style and type of interaction with people can have a great influence on productivity, excellence, quality, service and competitive spirit. The investment in this fun, strategy packed learning experience is an investment that is just as important as capital technology or marketing strategies and will return a benefit to the organization as employees increase productivity, quality and experience exhilarating team cohesion.

Strategic People Development: Maximizing Your Employee Capital (Click on the title to hear more) How many times have you heard leaders say, “People are our number one asset?” No doubt, the preceding statement is a worthy notion, but few organizations have strategically designed action steps to incorporate employee development into the operating structure of their business. This keynote will help leaders understand that developing others is paramount to maximizing employee potential and performance. Leaders will explore three strategic plans (ERPTM, EMPTM and ECPTM) that will help your organization do more with less and take your staff’s potential to the next level during the coming budget year.

Inspirational Leadership: Becoming the Leader Others WANT to Follow There is no substitute for excellence in leadership. Organizations rise and fall during today’s turbulent times because of those who stand at the helm. Leadership is not a title on the door or a position. Leadership is determined by the amount of influence others are willing to give others. During this session, Chip will share the five levels of leadership, how to lead people to higher levels, the three keys to increasing employee motivation and performance and fundamental strategies for building deeper relationship of influence in the lives of others.

Courageous Leadership: Accelerating Business Results in a Uncertain Times – Great leaders constantly look for strategies to assure success during challenging times. In an uncertain economy, leaders must demonstrate confidence and lead others with a secure vision. Chip was asked to deliver this presentation at the 2009 World Management Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a powerful keynote that helps leaders from all industries focus on the essentials for making your enterprise soar in a fluttering market. From his heart warming stories, to his humorous down-to-earth style, you’ll walk away from this speech with the tools you need to take your life and business to the next level.

What Every Leader Needs to Know About People – The number one question Chip hears from business managers is “What do I do to motivate people and get more out of them?” During this seminar Chip answers this question by showing leaders five (5) essentials that they must know about people if they are going to see higher levels of motivation and productivity. He’ll also show you strategies to take that knowledge and put it into action to attain greater results through your people.

The Attributes of a Successful Leader – This session is a straightforward message that addresses the most essential key to lifting an organization to the top: Leadership. Your team will explore the ten (10) unconditional attributes that leaders must embrace to motivate employees, move people through the uncertainty of change, and create an environment of trust and opennes

The Ten Secrets to Becoming a Dynamic Leader: A two-day workshop for new managers and supervisors – Sharpen and develop your skills with fresh, new insights and innovative tools! As a manager or supervisor, you never know what new challenges each day will bring. You have to counsel employees, manage conflicts, deal with problem workers, delegate assignments and much more. This exciting two-day conference puts your professional development at the forefront with field-proven strategies and techniques in core areas absolutely essential to your success, including how to build high-performance teams, how to inspire and motivate people, how to be a more powerful leader, and many other essential strategies for success.

Courageous Motivation

The Essence of Success: How to Bring More Happiness and Significance Into Your Life (DVD available)  Every one of us have a special purpose for living, and it is the essence of why we are here. Yet many of us sell ourselves short, and literally miss our calling in life. No matter what you do, or what phase of your life you are in, you can create an even greater sense of significance in everything you do. This keynote will guide you through the elements that make up your “Essence.” You’ll discover powers that may have been laying dormant in you, plus you’ll walk away with key insights for creating greater peace of mind and happiness. From Chip’s heart-warming stories, to his comical down-to-earth style, your audience will thoroughly enjoy this program from beginning to end. Get inspired to live your life at a whole new level.

How to Take Your Life and Career Up a Notch (CD available) So, you’re rising to the top of your career. You’ve played by the rules, advanced your education, and now it feels like your career has hit a plateau. Is your climb to the top limited or is your career ladder just leaning against the wrong building? Everyone can take their career up a notch by focusing their attention on some strategic personal development planning. During this session, Chip will share three mandatory ingredients that will give your life and career a jumpstart and catapult you to the top. You’ll walk away from this session knowing your passion, your personal purpose and mission, and strategies for overcoming limitations and obstacles on your road to achieving your potential. This session is a must for senior leaders as well as budding professionals who are wanting to experience the height of their professional potential. Click to review session outline.

Preventing Burnout – Refueling the Fire Within (Click on the title to hear more) Are your organization’s professionals many of the millions of people suffering from burnout? Few seem to address the signs and symptoms before they experience its debilitating effects. In industries riddled with downsizing and reengineering efforts, workers must constantly evaluate their roles and take proactive steps to prevent burnout from occurring. During this keynote, Chip will help your staff redefine their worth by answering three questions regarding their career; What is their passion? What is their purpose? And, what is their potential? He’ll also share strategies to help your staff redesign their future and realign their present lifestyle so that they can maximize their potential and keep igniting a life-changing enthusiasm that will refuel their daily success.

Pyromania: Igniting the Fire Within (Click on the title to hear more)There are billions of people alive today, few of which are truly living. Chip dynamically communicates his wake-up call after his encounter with cancer and his discoveri

Courageous Communication

The Anatomy of a Communicator  During this seminar Chip will inspire you to consider the roles that the following body parts play in our communication skills; The brain, ears, mouth, heart, body, and the funny bone. Your organization will greatly benefit from this light-hearted, yet practical look at many of life’s most significant skills.

Tough Strategies for Managing Difficult People  Participants will walk away from this dynamic, humorous session with a greater awareness of themselves and their most difficult people. This fun, yet strategy-filled session will explore reasons for conflict, what makes people difficult, and highlight six (6) difficult people types followed by some tough strategies for resolving conflict and rebuilding better relationships.

Courageous Safety

I Am A Safety Leader  When it comes to safety, everyone is a LEADER!  The problem is that most front line workers deflect safety leadership commitment because they view it as “someone else’s job,” perhaps the Safety Coordinator’s. Unfortunately, this attitude is a dangerous set up for failure and can be attributed to a significant number of injuries in the workplace.  Even more, the commitment for safety must be shared by everyone in the company from CEO to those on the front line.  This presentation will help your organization refocus on the key self-perceptions that foster uncompromised standards for safety and performance.  Your team will walk away from this session a “believer” in their personal role in getting to “zero” accidents for the coming year and having the back of all those they work with each and every day.

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