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Chip Madera uses his "90 Day Transformation" program to accelerate a health care organization's biggest challenge: improving patient experience. This refined, laser-specific transformation focuses on helping health care leaders achieve sustainable, measurable results in 90 days. Want to learn more? Download Chip's free guide below.

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Download this FREE guide, The 5 Attributes of a Culture of Excellence, and learn key insights to improving patient satisfaction through leadership-centric thinking you can use in your organization to improve care quality and overall patient experience scores.

This document is for:

  • Health care leaders on a performance improvement journey

  • Hospitals and large multi-facility health care organizations

  • Physicians groups and practices (stand alone or hospital-affiliated)

  • Nursing homes, diagnostic clinics and medical treatment centers

  • Health care human resources and managers leading teams

The 5 Attributes of a Culture of Excellence
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Chip Madera

Meet Chip Madera

Chip Madera, MS, CSP helps hospital systems, physicians practices and other health care organizations significantly increase employee and patient satisfaction through his proven 90-Day Transformative work.

Chip Madera helps these organizations accomplish the following in 90 days:

  • Break free of status quo thinking and empower leaders to manage more effectively
  • Advance employee engagement
  • Accelerate patient satisfaction scores
  • Create exceptional patient experiences
  • Improve performance so it creates sustainable and measurable success
  • Develop processes and behaviors to combat apathy and complacency
  • Create organizational cultures which are defined by excellence, engagement and pride and owned throughout the organization

Known for being “The Leadership Lion: The Health care Leader with a Heart of Bold,” Chip presents over 120 keynotes and seminars each year throughout Canada, Australia, Europe, South America and the US. His clients include Mayo Clinic, Disney, AT&T, FBI, Gatorade, Southern Company, as well as over 350 hospital and health care organizations.

A professional speaker and health care leadership authority, Chip helps health care providers challenged with reimbursement losses, erratic performance outcomes and rising patient expectations within their competitive market. He provides a “boots on the ground” approach that dramatically transform an organization’s culture in an accelerated time frame of 90 days.

Engagements available include keynote addresses, seminars and 90-Day Transformation consultations.

To learn more about how your organization can accelerate results and succeed in the marketplace call 877-425-3233.


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Available for keynotes, seminars and 90-Day Transformation consultations, Chip will help you make substantial improvements in your hospital, health care organization or physicians practice. To explore how, call Chip at 877-425-3233 or email Chip@ChipMadera.com.

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